Making Gluten Free Ravioli for Christmas with Quail, Prawn and Mushroom Fillings.

Amazing and so tempting

Cooking Without Gluten

To our traditional choice of prawn and quail ravioli for Christmas lunch, I decided to add the third choice with mushroom filling. To ease the load of Christmas cooking, I make ravioli 2-3 days ahead of Christmas day and freeze them. Another option for ravioli with fully cooked filling, is to make them the day before and keep them refrigerated on a dusted board, covered with glad wrap to prevent the dough drying out.


Making the dough

The recipe for ravioli dough is very simple and reliable. You need only 4 ingredients:

  • 250 g Well and Good Pastry flour (now available in Coles supermarkets)
  • 50g quinoa flour
  • 2 large to extra large eggs
  • 100ml water
  • pinch of salt

To make ravioli dough

  • mix both flours, sift the mix on a working surface, add salt
  • make a well in the middle
  • add one egg and mix it with flour using a…

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