Raspberry, Almond and Coconut Friand

The Krooked Spoon

rasp friand_5

Words have failed me recently. Lost.

I had paused waiting for my muse to come back. It has been a long pause.

Recipes and images have been flowing just the accompaniment of language has been missing.

Friands are one of my all time favourite treats. Light, sweet and delicate.

Perfect for an afternoon tea or picnic.

Made on a base of almond meal and gluten free plain flour the result is light, nutty and balanced cake. Leavened by lightly whipped egg whites.

The combination of raspberry and coconut is a classic and for good reason the tart little berries balance out the sweetness of the cake. The coconut, which I have used flaked for an added texture element creates a marriage, the middle ground between all the flavour elements. Nutty, sweet and tart.

Sweetened with icing sugar these beauties are treats. Pure indulgence.

Essentially a melt and mix recipe, theseā€¦

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