Sticky Spicy Cashews

The Pink Rose Bakery

Do you ever have days where your spacial awareness is a little off kilter?

You were sure that you going to make it through the door way unscathed yet somehow you misjudged it and your shoulder hits the door frame, sending you careering into the adjacent wall.

Every plate, glass, mug etc. you take out of the cupboard clatters off the shelf / other plates, glasses, mugs etc / the edge of the work-top, leaving you wondering how on earth it has stayed in one piece.

Your fingers seem to have grown an extra centimetre and now you bash the ends of them off everything.

Cutlery flies inexplicably out of your hands. Or spectacularly fails to go into the cutlery basket in the dishwasher and instead ends up falling all the way through which means you have to all but climb into the dishwasher to retrieve it. Banging your head…

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