Gluten Free Pasta, Sun Dried Tomato, Olive and Basil Salad

A taste of Italy…

Life of a Gluten Free Girl

Gluten free pasta salad

The weather is warm, friends are inviting you over for BBQ’s and pool parties and you need to bring a salad.  Easy right?  It seems that way until the organised ladies in the group begin to “shotgun” the only salads that you know how to prepare (Greek salad, Coleslaw, Garden salad) and before you can say the words “Potato salad” someone has snatched that up before you also!  So here is an easy gluten free pasta summer salad that is different and tastes great!

3 cups of gluten free pasta ( I prefer  to use San Remo’s gluten free spirals)
6 sundried tomatoes (fresh tomatoes can be used as an alternative)
150g mozzarella diced
Pitted black olives
Pitted green olives
1 spring onion thinly sliced
Handful fresh basil leaves (Rocket can be used as an alternative)

90 ml olive oil
15ml balsamic vinegar (Lemon juice can be used…

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