Butter Cake (g/f)

Better than a sponge…

I Need a Feed!


It’s a bit belated, but here I am for fiesta Friday! This post is actually about  cake I made before I started training, for  friend’s birthday. So I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

It’s a terrible idea to leave me unattended in a discount bookstore. I will inevitably start looking at the cookbooks, and after thoroughly examining all the options, will find one which suits me so well, and which I know I’d regret if I didn’t purchase. So, as you can imagine I’m often wary of letting myself go alone into bookstores, especially as I promised myself I wouldn’t start a cookbook collection until I started working properly later this month, and we don’t have that much more space for even a couple of books. But I was at the mall, as my old friend James and I were combining forces to get another friend of ours…

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