Mango Lemon Trifle

Substitute the cake with a gluten free butter cake and make this a gluten free winner…

Swirls and Spice


Freezable desserts are the absolute best for summer.  After serving the trifle once, I froze the remaining leftover portion and pulled it out more than a week later.  It was just as delicious as round one.

This recipe can also be used to create two different desserts, which are both really delicious!  What I did was split the mango lemon cream in half to make a smaller trifle (using less cake).  The other half I used for Mango Lemon Semifreddo cups, which have been a popular recipe here for good reason.  So why not opt to save time and make both the semifreddo and this trifle on the same day?  Then freeze and enjoy each dessert whenever you wish!

Mango Trifle with Coconut and Pecans

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Gluten Free Butter and coconut cake

An impressive cake for a special occasion…

Life of a Gluten Free Girl

Gluten Free Butter and coconut cake whole

Need to bring a cake to a bridal shower, high tea or having friends over for coffee? Well this is the perfect cake that looks impressive, tastes delicious and surprise’s friends. Best of all it’s gluten free!!!

Let’s face it, we all want to prove to our Gluten eating friends that Gluten Free deserts are just as scrumptious if not, BETTER!

I made this little beauty for my birthday and it went down a treat. YUM!

Gluten free buttercream and coconut ingredients

What you will need:
For this recipe you will need to make 2 cakes (or you might decide to make one large one and cut it in half however this is risky business and I prefer just to make two cakes).

Each cake will need the following (keep in mind that you will need to have two of the below for the cake ingredients only):
125g butter, softened
2 tsp vanilla extract

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Gluten Free Pasta, Sun Dried Tomato, Olive and Basil Salad

A taste of Italy…

Life of a Gluten Free Girl

Gluten free pasta salad

The weather is warm, friends are inviting you over for BBQ’s and pool parties and you need to bring a salad.  Easy right?  It seems that way until the organised ladies in the group begin to “shotgun” the only salads that you know how to prepare (Greek salad, Coleslaw, Garden salad) and before you can say the words “Potato salad” someone has snatched that up before you also!  So here is an easy gluten free pasta summer salad that is different and tastes great!

3 cups of gluten free pasta ( I prefer  to use San Remo’s gluten free spirals)
6 sundried tomatoes (fresh tomatoes can be used as an alternative)
150g mozzarella diced
Pitted black olives
Pitted green olives
1 spring onion thinly sliced
Handful fresh basil leaves (Rocket can be used as an alternative)

90 ml olive oil
15ml balsamic vinegar (Lemon juice can be used…

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Nonna’s Soup

A hearty soup to warm you up on even the coldest days…

Help! My Teenager has Coeliac Disease

Last Tuesday was a ‘bitterly’ cold winter’s day in the tropical north : 16 – 19 C. Actually, it was an upside down day with 19C being registered at 1am and 16C chilling the bones at 1pm.

Nonnas Soup

In other words, a perfect soup day.  This soup takes me back to my childhood and the smells of my nonna’s kitchen. A simple soup in some respects but full of flavour.

Later in my life, I made sense of this soup in a cultural and historical context.  A hundred years ago in rural Europe, farmers cooked and ate by the seasons and learnt to make a meagre meal stretch further. Meat was not everyday fare and what little a family had, was always made to go a long way. My Catalan grandmother spoke  of the daily vegetable soup and the 1 sardine, 10 to 12 cm long which would feed the family. The…

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zucchini buckwheat bread


Once or twice a week I like to bake something with my 2 year old son. He loves mixing, cracking eggs and, of course, licking the bowl. We originally baked this gorgeous buckwheat loaf to have with breakfast one weekend.  This delicious bread is so good it is now the only bread we eat! We bake a loaf every Sunday.

It is absolutely divine…                                                                                                                                                            spread with avocado or sunflower seed butter.      …

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Linzer Hearts (g/f)

I Need a Feed!


Due to time constraints I don’t often go for recipes that require a lot of resting time, etc. Also, I share this kitchen with mum and dad, and I don’t want to hog the oven if others are wanting it, so matter how delicious the prospective treat I’m making! But I couldn’t resist giving these linzer heart cookies a go! I made linzers quite a while back now, but after I stumbled on this particular recipe in the Nosh on This: Gluten-Free Baking from a Jewish-American Kitchen cookbook, I couldn’t resist doing them again for Fiesta Friday! This cookbook was a bit of a steal! I found it not too long ago, and as I flipped through it I realised it was a great source for flavoursome and unique recipes. But what worried me was the fact that it recommended it’s own particular flour blend.

I don’t dislike unique flour…

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