Sweet Potato Tacos with Miel de Piloncillo

What a great way to use sweet potatoes

cocina de cella

One of my favorite things my nana used to make when I was little was tacos de papa. Something that I specifically remember is she would never tell us it was time to eat — she would ask, in a way that is so characteristic of her gentle nature, “Quieres comer?” Americanized as I was, I didn’t speak Spanish and always thought that she was saying, “The food is ready.” “Gracias Nanaaaa,” I would respond as I zipped around the corner into the kitchen and settled into a seat at the table.

sweet potato tacos with miel de piloncillo by cocinadecella.com

There was always a sense of excitement when she made us tacos de papa, I think because there was a do-it-yourself aspect to it. There would be a tray of crispy tacos in the center of the table, still piping hot from the oil she fried them in and stuffed with lightly-seasoned mashed potatoes. I think she only used salt…

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