Chocolate Chip Cookies (g/f)

As good as it gets with gluten free cookies

I Need a Feed!


I swear that I don’t live on a diet of biscuits, muffins and general baked goods! I know that it looks like that, given that all I seem to bring to the Novice Gardener’s Party are sweets. But rest assured – I do still eat savoury food! Sadly most of it has either been takeaway or slap-dash dinners, as I’m going back and forth between houses so much I don’t have time for much else.

I’m looking after my boyfriend’s gorgeous cat at the moment, as Mr. P is away in San Francisco at the moment for the game developers conference, having an amazing time. Scout is a big old ginger tom, and we think he must be part Maine Coone. He is a big boy, but also a big sook. For the most part he curls up on the couch next to me after getting fed and brushed, and…

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