Apple Cider Donuts (g/f)

Thank you for this donut recipe. I am off to buy the donut tins.

I Need a Feed!


For christmas I was given two donut pans, an absolutely delightful gift considering that donuts aren’t such a big thing over here. I was keen on giving donuts a go as soon as possible, but I was stuck for recipes. I wanted to do something straightforward, but which would also be delicious, and would be great to share with friends. I scrawled through a few sites, and finally landed upon a delish looking recipe from Gluten Free on a Shoestring. I resolved to give this recipe a go, and was more than a little bit surprised at how well it went down.

This recipe turned out to be amazing, and I mean a-ma-zing. It was oh my god worthy, and it was so simple, and so straightforward, and so utterly delicious that I almost couldn’t believe it. My first attempt at making homemade, gluten free donuts was a…

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