Roasted Tomato and Coconut Soup – Learning to Appreciate Coriander

Coriander is a wonderfully versatile herb and the addition of coconut milk makes this a smooth and rich soup.

Food Daydreaming

Coriander is a herb that I’ve only recently started cooking with. I always thought I hated it and avoided it at all cost, just like celery and anything aniseed flavoured.

The one picky eating habit that has stuck with me from childhood is smelling my food before I take my first bite. If the smell does not appeal to me, if there is the slightest twitch of dislike from my nose, that’s the end of it, I just don’t eat it.

I finally realised that my problem with coriander has always been the smell. Sure, I still think that it’s overused and a little of it goes a long way, but I don’t actually dislike the taste. The smell of it though is just horrible for me. Whenever I finish chopping some up, I very quickly wash my hands with a steel ‘soap’ bar that a friend of mine recently…

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