chocolate cinnamon macarons

Here’s hoping the macarons looks half as professional when I bake them. What a wonderful and different combination for macarons.

omfg. so good.

Chocolate-Cinnamon-Macarons2I’ve been a teensy bit obsessed with macarons for the last few weeks. Okay, there was nothing teensy about it. I was straight-up crazy. I made no less than four batches trying to achieve some sort of personal idea of perfection.

The first batch wasn’t shiny enough. The second didn’t have a distinct enough ‘foot’ (you know, that crazy ring of texture on the sides). The third were a smidge too flat. It got to the point that Jonny literally said “I simply can not eat another macaron. Please, stop the madness.”

Whatever. I totally caught him sneaking a few of these bad-boys after the kids went to bed. Stop the madness, my arse. Nothing would keep that guy from sneaking a sweet treat.

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