Peanut butter toffee popcorn

sensitive flour

Peanut butter toffee popcorn

Adapted fromGirl Who Ate Everything’s Peanut Butter Popcorn

I’m so, so sorry.  If you like peanut butter and popcorn then this could well be your undoing.  I never promised a clean eating blog though, did I?!  I guess you can argue that at least you know what’s in this, which makes all the difference as you feel your arteries hardening.  Best just focus on the health benefits of the peanuts and peanut butter and try not to think too much about the honey, sugar and golden syrup.  Ahem….  And also best you make this when you have a TON of people to feed, i.e. mates round for movie night or whatever.  I made half the original recipe and it was enough to feed a herd.  It took me days to finish it all, even when I foisted it on every visitor passing through the house.  You’ve been warned!

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