Maple Glazed Mini Chorizo Meatloaf

The Sensitive Foodie

Maple Glazed Chorizo Meatloaf-9

Remember when you were a kid, and your friends brought something to school for lunch, that you secretly coveted. Meatloaf was mine. My mum never made meatloaf, it just wasn’t on her list of recipes on rotation at our house. I’d see someone with a meatloaf & tomato sauce sandwich, and it looked like the best thing ever.

Mind you, I would have been happy to swap my lunch with most people. My parents had their own business, and worked crazy long hours, so my well-meaning mum came up with the brilliant idea to freeze what I’m sure was a whole school terms worth of sandwiches for my brother and I. Now I know this may work for some sandwiches, but I can tell you, there is not much worse than a defrosted ham, tomato, cheese & pickle relish sandwich. Amongst the many varieties of soggy bread offenders, that one…

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