Pastr..easy. A guide to gluten free pastry.

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A Guide to Gluten Free Pastry.

Enemy Pastry

Since knowing I had a gluten intolerance, I avoided pastry like the plague. It was never going to work. Damn gluten free pastry. Always collapsing, falling apart, breaking, burning, crumbling, singing Justin Beiber; you name it. So I scrapped it all together for around a year until I was feeling up for experimenting again.

I’ve learnt a lot in the past two months about how to master an edible gluten free crust. It was definitely a challenge, but once you know how it’s simple. Honestly.

The things I’ve learnt are:

Never really handle your pastry at all.

Your body temperature will just spoil all those cold ingredients, which help to make a pastry crust well formed. You need all the help you can get. A food processor is excellent to pulse the ingredients slowly together. If you don’t have a food processor…

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