Salted Chocolate Coconut Stacks (g/f)

I Need a Feed!


For the first time in a long time, I have met someone with more or less the same allergies as me! Although I didn’t actually realise that Miss C had allergies like me until I mentioned taking myself off gluten to my monday role-play group and she mentioned being in the same boat. But Miss C also has an added intolerance to refined sugars, and unlike me her reactions to gluten and lactose are more severe. So naturally I wanted to be able to start bringing something to our monday role-play sessions that the two of us could share, and that was when I discovered this recipe for salted chocolate coconut sacks by The Primalist. Her site is well worth checking out, believe me.

These stacks are also quite possibly the easiest things I have ever made in my life. These can also be wonderfully messy, and can be made…

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