No-Churn Salted Caramel Swirl Ice-Cream (g/f)

I Need a Feed!


So, after a bit of a turbulent start to the day I was off and racing. I decided to do a no-churn ice-cream recipe this time around. It’s the better solution for those who don’t have ice-cream makers and don’t have the time to be making the custard mix. This is also more or less the sort of ice-cream my family used to make as a super special treat when I was little, so it was really nostalgic for me.

This recipe uses a ton of double cream, condensed milk, and a little vanilla – and wow! Is it good! The condensed milk seems to help keep the mixture soft, smooth and creamy. It seemed like the perfect treat to take to my dinner party for the night. But because of having done a fruity and creamy dessert last time, I decided to swap up the ingredients and used salted…

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