Gluten Free Coffee-Nut Nutella Meringue Stacks

Wuthering Bites

Gluten Free, Nutella Coffee, Meringue


Over the weekend we had a few friends round for a dinner party feast, we made curry in abundance with all the usual Indian trimmings, for dessert we couldn’t muster an elaborate pudding as i would have liked but we bought some chocolates instead. Which got me thinking about the ole dinner party season that’s coming up- Christmas. Instead of coffee and chocolates how about combining the two into a dessert, with Nutella…some roasted hazelnuts…some meringue…oh and some whipped cream. My natural thought process.

Delonghi Coffee Machine, Argos, Review

I was lucky enough to try out this Delonghi coffee machine which can be bought from Argos, which was a miracle really as my husband and i were looking at this exact one about to put on our christmas list this year. The great thing about this coffee machine is that, when you’ve got past the rather confusing Ikea type instructions it is super…

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