Saturday Salads: A Resolution to Eat More

Swirls and Spice

For the month of January, I am aiming to eat more salads.  Resolutions are something I’m always reluctant to make, especially for a whole year.  But one month at a time seems attainable.  In my holiday baking frenzy, I am afraid that salads were not a frequent part of our family meals, except for a quick plate of sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. So every Saturday over the next four weeks I plan to share a new salad recipe.

Tropical Paradise Fruit SaladParadise Fruit Salad

To kick off the salad theme, I thought I would take a look back at some of my favourite healthy salads here on Swirls and Spice.  Interestingly, none of the salad recipes feature lettuce.  Other types of salads hold more appeal I suppose; and there are so many other green vegetables that make a great salad base, like asparagus, cabbage, and my favourite–cucumbers!

Napa Salad with Sesame Orange DressingNapa Salad with Sesame Orange Dressing

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Making Gluten Free Ravioli for Christmas with Quail, Prawn and Mushroom Fillings.

Amazing and so tempting

Cooking Without Gluten

To our traditional choice of prawn and quail ravioli for Christmas lunch, I decided to add the third choice with mushroom filling. To ease the load of Christmas cooking, I make ravioli 2-3 days ahead of Christmas day and freeze them. Another option for ravioli with fully cooked filling, is to make them the day before and keep them refrigerated on a dusted board, covered with glad wrap to prevent the dough drying out.


Making the dough

The recipe for ravioli dough is very simple and reliable. You need only 4 ingredients:

  • 250 g Well and Good Pastry flour (now available in Coles supermarkets)
  • 50g quinoa flour
  • 2 large to extra large eggs
  • 100ml water
  • pinch of salt

To make ravioli dough

  • mix both flours, sift the mix on a working surface, add salt
  • make a well in the middle
  • add one egg and mix it with flour using a…

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Persian Love Cake (Gluten Free)

Inspired By Boo

Persian Love Cake

These past few weeks I’ve been meaning to share a new recipe on my blog. After numerous birthday parties, a wedding, baby shower and even an ice skating competition, I finally bring to you Persian Love Cake.

I stumbled across this cake in a cafe a few years ago and immediately went in search for the recipe. I can honestly say I have never tasted a cake quite like this one.

So I decided to make it last week for my boss’s birthday because a) I wanted to make something other than your stock standard chocolate cake and b) it tastes great.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think if you end up baking it?!

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Grain and Sugar Free Apple Sultana Bread

Cooking Without Gluten

This recipe was created for e-cookingblog, where I publish recipes not only gluten free, but also grain, dairy and sugar free. Apple and sultana bread is made using almond meal and cinnamon powder as the only dry ingredients.


There is no butter or any oil in the recipe ingredients list. Thick apple puree, made from Granny Smith apples, provides moisture in the bread. Fat comes from almonds and egg yolks.

I have worked many times using egg whites mixture with thick apple puree. Their combination is excellent in taste and texture, and is perfect for making marshmallows with agar-agar. However, I never previously substituted sugar with honey in this mixture. I am delighted to report, that honey, even in small quantities, gives stiff peaks when beaten with apple puree and egg whites.


It gave me some ideas about Italian meringues or even marshmallows, made with honey instead of sugar.

As any grain free…

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Raspberry, Almond and Coconut Friand

The Krooked Spoon

rasp friand_5

Words have failed me recently. Lost.

I had paused waiting for my muse to come back. It has been a long pause.

Recipes and images have been flowing just the accompaniment of language has been missing.

Friands are one of my all time favourite treats. Light, sweet and delicate.

Perfect for an afternoon tea or picnic.

Made on a base of almond meal and gluten free plain flour the result is light, nutty and balanced cake. Leavened by lightly whipped egg whites.

The combination of raspberry and coconut is a classic and for good reason the tart little berries balance out the sweetness of the cake. The coconut, which I have used flaked for an added texture element creates a marriage, the middle ground between all the flavour elements. Nutty, sweet and tart.

Sweetened with icing sugar these beauties are treats. Pure indulgence.

Essentially a melt and mix recipe, these…

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Cream of Celeriac Soup With Bacon Croutons (Gluten/Grain/Dairy Free)

Tabitha’s Edit

IMG_0884-1This soup is a little bit of creamy sophistication in a bowl.  Requiring just a handful of ingredients, its super easy and quick to make.

I have an ongoing love affair with Celeriac (also known as Celery Root).  Often friends say ‘I don’t like celeriac’ but when I dig a little deeper they’ve often only tried it once and it’s been badly cooked or plain, so I make it my mission to change to initiate them into the world of celeriac lovers.

One of the reasons I love celeriac is its versatility.  It’s brilliant at absorbing and mixing in with a vast range of flavours and textures whilst retaining a quite confidence through its subtle but somewhat nutty flavour.

To find out more how I love to cook with Celeriac check out all of my celeriac starring recipes; Celeriac Remoulade & Fuckit Lists,  Paleo Beef, Celeriac & Chestnut Mushroom…

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